“My work resides in Contradiction, Contemplation and Catharsis.” Smriti Rastogi

What I feel is what I put onto my canvas. It is like a mirror where I drown myself which results into catharsis that helps in breaking my boundaries. I work around Oil, Watercolor, Mix Media, Weaving, Shadow Art and Stop Motion. How I feel and see myself at the particular moment is reflected in my practice. As we’re surrounded by lines, cubes, perspective and geometrical forms, it seems impossible not to pay attention to them. My work revolves around the internal space and the external space that one occupies. We all are enclosed in a space wherever we might be, even in open air we’re still inside our minds. Everything around us speaks in a very interesting way if one becomes aware of the same. My work resides in Contradiction, Contemplation and Catharsis. What amuses me is that we can never unsee anything in our lives. Whatever is seen once can’t be seen again with the same lens. I get attracted towards pauses, uneasiness, unstated unsaid feelings and silence. I paint the combination of others and my thoughts and sadness. There’s a cognizance of my existence that compels me to question everything around. My work focuses on in between things. I tend to compare one object to another by trying to find a similarity and contradiction at the same time. Every object can depict a feeling even after not containing any life. My major influence are the ongoing thoughts, gestures and actions that are hidden but very much visible. Light and shadows have a profound impact on me. The common is the uncommon for me hence my work reflects the common.

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