At the Curator, we’re always working to create a culture rooted in kindness, honesty, inclusivity, accountability, and growth.
All of our team members, help support our efforts to foster an inclusive workplace.

  • Curator Correspondents

    We’re looking for freelance writers who write about visual art and music, to contribute stories for our digital platforms and print publication.
    The written pieces can be opinion pieces, interviews, articles and essays.
    Upon being shortlisted and completing the review, the final piece will be commissioned and published on one of our platforms.


    Word limit & compensation for different categories:

    1. Short pieces: upto 500 words with visual references, compensation 2,500-3,000INR
    2. Medium pieces: upto 800 words with visual references, compensation 4,000-5,000INR
    3. Long pieces: 1200+ words with visual references, compensation 5,000-7,000INR
    Please note all pieces must be supported with relevant image and video content.

    Send your pitches to shrey@tcm-543d75.ingress-baronn.ewp.live

  • Features Writer

    We are looking for a Features Writer, interested in writing and researching about visual art, and artists for our digital and print platforms. Anyone with 1-2 years of experience can apply for this position.


    Scope of Work:
    1. To research on different visual art forms,
    2. To write and edit content for digital publishing on the website and social media,
    3. To connect and coordinate with artists and galleries to obtain required information,
    4. Help the editorial team with ideation for print editions.

    There will be an 8 week/2month probation period to begin with, post which, based on evaluation of work, a full time role may be offered with an increased pay.

    Send your work profile to:

  • Photo Editor

    The Curator/H8 Mondays Pvt Ltd. are looking for a Photo Editor who is well versed with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to work full time with the team. This role is primarily oriented towards photo editing for print for various external projects and our magazine, but will also entail editing for digital platforms occasionally. A technical bent of mind and interest in photo processing, print sampling and visual narrative building will be key for this role.

    Alongside your understanding of the aforementioned softwares, you will be trained and introduced to various techniques, methodologies and principles surrounding the process of making digital image files ready for print, analysing print samples and correcting for inaccuracies. You will also be working closely with different printers within New Delhi and get the opportunity to deep dive into various paper types.

    Location: New Delhi.

    Scope of Work:
    – To work closely with the editorial team and part take in photo/image selection.
    – To process photographs/image files optimally for printing on various papers.
    – To coordinate with printers & be responsible for the print sampling process.
    – To be up-to-date with photo/image processing methodologies & techniques.
    – To streamline your workflow between softwares, sampling and final outputs.
    – Supporting photography if required.

    Prerequisite Skills:
    – Should know photography and have a developed aesthetic sense.
    – A technical understanding of the various tools in Adobe Lightroom (primary) and Photoshop.
    – A keen interest in learning about corrective processing methodologies for print.
    – The ability to learn and evolve one’s workflow based on the project/task at hand.
    – The ability to work independently & make certain critical decisions in real time.

    Tech Requirements:
    – A laptop/desktop with at least a 6 core/12 thread processor (Intel 8th gen or better/AMD Ryzen 2000 series or better on desktop or 4000 series or better on laptop) or Macbook pro 2018/19 or better.
    – At least 16GB RAM.

    – You will be given a wide gamut, calibrated display to process on.
    – Adobe’s ‘Photography’ plan subscription for Lightroom & Photoshop.
    – External SSDs and hard drives for storage and backups.


    24,000/- INR per month.

    Note: There will be an 8 week/2month probation period, post which based on evaluation of work, your role may be solidified to a full time position with an increased pay.