Somewhat Strange by Harriet Pattinson.

SOMEWHAT STRANGE by Harriet Pattinson, is an exhibition born during the covid lockdowns, when normality was upended and all the reassuringly solid ground our lives were built upon buckled. Which led Harriet to question her own sense of “self” and to look more broadly at how our deeply desired and rooted sense of self develops over time and becomes fixed, creating a false source of comfort. Far from concrete, the self is jigsaw-like and fragile. The sum of our individual experiences, it does not follow a linear truth but is fluid and ever-changing. Harriet explores this by disjointing an image and using oil paint to portray its fragmentary and layered parts. The self is made up of memories, gathered over time and assembled and reassembled to form a “whole”.

Born in 1990, Harriet Pattinson trained for three years in traditional portraiture in Florence. After finishing art school, Harriet worked as a commissioned portrait artist in her London Studio. Somewhat Strange is Harriet’s first solo exhibition which reflects her style that combines figurative skills cut through to create a form of abstraction.

The show is on till 9th of July at the Green & Stone, Fulham-London.

All artworks by Harriet Pattinson.

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