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Shivani Shenoy

It has been fascinating to see the possibilities of experiencing musical performances online this pandemic. Within the four walls of our homes, just the click of the play and pause button has the power to alter our sense of space and time. It is exhilarating and makes one feel a little less alone while in isolation.

Adeeba Saifi

Our personal space gives us a sense of belonging, the place where we are the most comfortable and loved. The place which we call our ‘kappela’, our place for solace. The place you dreamt of, you always craved for, which is all dreamy and makes you feel free from everything. The place where nobody judges you, where you feel true to yourself. We have our own distinct personal pedestals to perform, the art we want, the way we want. Why can’t we make our own distinct underrated personal spaces our performance spaces?

Jana Pakalniete

Come dance with me. Put your hula hoop on and join us. We are here together. We are here with you.

Manasi Patankar

Performances in times of a pandemic- in a surreal reality A network of periscopes to view the event at any angle, with zoom in features so that social distance in seating doesn’t compromise performer-audience proximity. Masks as actual swing seats. Snow globes form the stage area creating a safe barrier between the audience and the performance. To show appreciation the viewers can let notification balloons loose in the sky, which ultimately burst and sanitize the arena.

Neha Sehgal

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Through digital art, we aim to illustrate the choreographed, costumed and colorful lives of the circus artists being able to reach its audience through VR. Ironically, Pandemic has forced an intangible safety net between the audience and the performances. This safety net is one of the key elements of the circus sets. Here, Virtual Reality bridges the gap, reinstating this incredible form of live art. As rightly said, The show must go on! This illustration is inspired by the story of ‘The Great Bombay Circus’, which just celebrated its 100 years of existence in 2020. But, the circus is finding it hard to sustain in the course of this pandemic.

Honorable Mentions

Ashray Dhamankar

Today, the world is facing the coronavirus crisis, a pandemic that has changed life for millions of people. Thanks to ‘coronavirus warriors’ around the world, they are working 24/7 for us and while they need our support, people are queuing up outside liquor shops and risking their lives. The lines were as long as a kilometre. The government wants to generate some quick taxes by opening liquor shops and selling alcohol but it is turning out to be disastrous.

Anushka Tendolkar

‘Deserted Sunset’ During the peak lockdown period in May, when the Covid scare was crippling, my relationship with the sunset had become an everyday ritual. Sitting in my balcony, finishing up a work day, having a bowl of fruit and a book by my side, it felt like a small space of my own. Looking out, I’d see a lot of other people also sitting in their balconies trying to get some fresh air without getting out of the house. This artwork represents that deserted everyday sunset that I was a part of with other people going through the same thing. Alone but together.

Bhavya Gupta

The Mail Room Most visited place during Quarantine/The cost of convenience.

Ankit Kapoor


Akanksha Bhatt

‘Incubation’ is based on the premise that several diseases have broken out in the world, each threatening to wipe out a country. The game accommodates four players who are responsible to manage the game using the game pieces on the dashboard: ‘the security’, ‘the medic’, ‘the council’, ‘the architect’, and 4 civilians that represent the population of the country. The goal is to discover cures before 6 weeks to save their own territories. While all the players use their competence and assigned finances to battle out all contagious situations, a traitor hides amongst them who is secretly trying to spread the diseases instead. The victory hence is a cure for all others and the traitor will benefit from the chaos. Save the world while you can. The game orients the mindset of the players to a tactical thinking paradigm along with communicating the invested efforts of the authorities when such a pandemic breaks. I have introduced multiple layers of investment, global peace, resource management along with medical interventions that will act as an impetus for a more prepared generation. The germ of the idea to design was an inspiration from the’ Z games’ board game -‘Pandemic’.

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