“The field of art is not just cavernous, but also filled with a spectrum of various artistic impressions.” – Razek

Through history, women have proven to make a difference in every field and have made their way to being the most inspirational idols of all time. Considering that, we cannot talk about the contribution of women in any field of creativity, in fact, any field of work in isolation to the various incredulous and discerning stereotypes imposed on them. The field of art is not just cavernous but also filled with a spectrum of various artistic impressions. From tasks as rudimentary as cooking to as convoluted and progressive as graphic designing, the core element in all is sheer unapologetic, unmatched, unique & selfish/selfless creativity. Imbibing that, an effort to take art away from women can be made by loading them with juvenile principles, that are in fact manifested by aimless radicals and fanatics, but can you practically ever draw women away from the basic way living? Which in reality is a form of art.

Women define art & they live by it every day, every second of their lives. In other words, if we think in terms of the creation of women, they were painstakingly crafted by unbiased brushes to beautify this loathe filled world. They descended as potent figures of sacrifice, humility, magnanimity to bestow this world with grace, exuberance, and buoyancy. Not to generalize but, women have the capability to see problems from a peculiar sense perspective. As a matter of fact, you give them a spoilt fish and they give you a healthy ocean teeming with life. They were meant to leave the world better than they found it and they live by it not only through their art but also through their esteemed existence.

As from what society may stereotype women as, women in the field of art have been subjected to biases on phenomena that are natural and pure as bleeding during periods. For instance, in  South Asia, “women cannot enter the kitchen while on period, which is considered impure”. Even If I had to contest this statement with the same ridiculous logic perching like a witty mean kitten at the core of the argument, I would say “Bleeding during periods is a stepping stone to the long process of producing an offspring; the most magical natural creation known to mankind”. Again to not generalize, we do live in a hypocritical society of acceptances and rejections. Yet these hermit like hypocrites have been fanned, fuelled & backed by many other talent-less chauvinistic bigoted zealots, incapable of competing and creating art as refined, beautiful and honest as women do. It’s a pity how other people tend to get influenced by such radicals.

The continuity of the subject is as vague as our existence. Considering that and keeping a daily mental note, let’s respect each others’ interests and work on expressions without compartmentalizing them into genders. Appreciate art through the lens of art and not gender bias which could somehow bring a difference that we began to talk about. Let’s respect them & their work. These lionesses, roaring with talent & beauty are not to be messed with. In fact, when the sacred divine Kaali was subdued, she emerged as the most powerful force in the universe, obliterating half of the world to maintain the status quo. Let’s not drive the world to catastrophe!

Respect them, respect their art.

All text by Razek Das Burma.

Photo by Lídia Vives Rodrigo.

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