‘I want to be known as an important part of Pop Culture’ – Jaime Sanchez

Jaime Sanchez, hails from Malaga-Spain. His interest in photography peeked during his stay in New York in 2011, and that’s when he bought his first SLR camera. In the beginning as a photographer, he was only interested in street photography. He says;

‘What amused me the most at that time was street photography. But over the years I discovered still life photography, and experimented a lot with the Pop Art style.’

He has been into photography for past 7 years now, and as for his educational background he has studied Audiovisuals in Malaga.

When asked about art culture in Malaga, Jaime replied:

‘During last few years art scene in Malaga has grown exponentially. Malaga has always been a city dedicated to tourism, so art was never really ‘THE MOST IMPORTANT THING’ around here. However, with opening of museums like El Pompidou and use of different media, art is making its way to the mainstream culture of Malaga.’

People across the globe recognize Jaime’s work and know him as someone who uses LEGO to complete photographs of daily objects.

‘The idea of creating photographs with LEGO came to me from an exhibition I visited, called The Art of Brick in 2014, in New York. Where they had created realistic recreations of different figures made with LEGO. It inspired me so much that I began creating my own works with the colorful and minimalist style.’

Jaime pointed to few works by Andy Warhol and said ‘thanks to his colourful and minimalist style, it has enabled me very much to create my own works.’

When asked about the commercial aspect of his profession as an artist and the process of creating his work, he responded ‘I want to be able to amuse as many people as possible through my art. It’s not important if I sell my artworks, well..my pieces are mostly decorative. But I definitely want to be known as an important part of Pop Culture. While the process of taking pictures is not hard, it does not take me that long to create images. But the process of conceptualisation and having inspiration to create new work, takes a very long time for each photo.’

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