“ One land to another, a mighty fall to see one or none. “ – Rushil Bhatnagar.

Rushial Bhatnagar, a 21 years old, Graphic Design student, at MIT ID Pune, is often found experimenting with different mediums and styles.

“My focus has always been on building narratives and weaving stories through my work. Also trying to push boundaries with visuals by being adaptive to various genres of music. David Fincher serves to be a major inspiration for me in terms of visual storytelling as I believe every frame challenges the audience to go in depths and remember them once they leave the hall. I feel that translates to every screen and everything we see around us. In recent times, a 3D motion has been incorporated by major agencies for brands like Nike, Adidas and I remember seeing Nike’s Air Max, that got me to think of not restricting myself but go beyond and translate thoughts into visuals. Man vs. machine, GoldenWolf, and Beeple crap and fine examples of how a fusion of multiple techniques can often bring out the best. In the end, it shows and tells. A similar process being taken by artists like Tame Impala, Daft Punk and Tool have been able to push boundaries and establish a strong ground with their visual identity.”, says Rushil.


Rushil explains the video is based on a piece which he wrote:

One land to another, a mighty fall to see one or none.

Traveling from one land to other, humans eventually failing to survive in a dystopian future. This ties with a cycle of life in a more futuristic aspect of becoming a loop for humans trying hard to survive. Set in 3014, State of chaos, humans are forced to travel to different lands only to figure out that this cannot be a home.

Check out more of Rushil’s work here.

Soundtrack by Hector Plimmer, Rework by SickFlip.

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