Familiarity and Interpretation: Open Call

Concept Note:

‘Familiarity is the investigation, Interpretation the result’

Through our upcoming print edition, our intent is to represent the multitude of ways in which familiarity or its lack plays a vital role in colouring our opinion, drawing our attention and ultimately showcasing the uniqueness or similarities in our experiences as human beings.

What can you submit:

– Original articles, essays, opinion pieces or visual only stories about artists and artworks that you think fit the theme of Familiarity & Interpretation.
– Your own artworks or visual only essays that fit the theme.

Refer to the style sheet mentioned here.

Word limit & compensation for different categories:

1. Short pieces: upto 500 words with visual references, compensation 2,500-3,000INR
2. Medium pieces: upto 800 words with visual references, compensation 4,000-5,000INR
3. Long pieces: 1200+ words with visual references, compensation 5,000-7,000INR
Please note all pieces must be supported with relevant image and video content.

You can submit your stories to rahul@thecuratormag.com, latest by 4th March 2022.

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