‘Opposites Attract: A Celebration Of Contradictions’ A Virtual Exhibition By Artiste Culture In Partnership With Xencelabs.

Xencelabs and Artiste Culture have come together with an opportunity for artists to display their artworks globally. The open call for ‘Opposites Attract’ brings a unique idea of working with differences of being, contradictions of existence, and conflicts of the human condition. 

Xencelabs is a global company that focuses on delivering digital design solutions for creative professionals everywhere. They specialize in the graphic tablet market and develop innovative tools catering to allow a smooth creative process for artists. 

Artiste Culture is a project that guides artists to achieve their goals in the most effective ways. Using the experience, global network, art trends, insights, and create effective strategies for the artist to get exposure to distinct cultures, markets, and collectors.

With the rise of digital media and virtual spaces, it is pertinent to engage and form reliable platforms for artists with the necessary tools to uphold their creativity. This collaboration brings an exhibition that will allow artists to work intimately with the team of Artiste Culture with a special focus on building the artist’s persona and work. Artiste Culture is a stand-alone destination for upcoming artists to help them pave their way in the world of art. Sunaina, the founder of Artiste Culture says, “With the vision to create an interactive platform to expose artists to a wider audience, I have initiated this project.” This global exhibition will display fifty works by fifty artists. Through this exhibition, Artiste Culture hopes to create a bridge between the young artists and the art world by providing unwavering support to the artists and their creative process by providing valuable insights and mentoring. The winners of the exhibition will get a paid contract with Xencelabs and Xencelabs Bundles and story features. 

This opportunity seeks artists who have a talent for building on narratives through their artworks. The theme ‘Opposites Attract’ allows an introspective and observant gaze to wander and rest in places that are ignored or abandoned by us and formulate ideas on the contradiction and conflicts of everyday life.

You can submit your works by visiting this LINK.

For more details reach out to Artiste Culture here.

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