The Curious Works of Harnoor Suri.

This story is the first, of the two stories scheduled to be published by The Curator Magazine in collaboration with Harnoor Suri.

Harnoor is a self-taught visual artist from Chandigarh. She works across mediums, varying from paintings and sculptures to collages and videos. She draws inspiration from experimental art, abstract expressionism, and society as it is. Through her art, she aims to capture her conscious and subconscious mind in a tangible form, as well as create works on pressing social issues.

Art had always been a part of her life since childhood – wherein she painted and scribbled herself, her family, and the surroundings she grew up in. Through her teenage years, art took on another meaning- that of an escape from reality as well as a practice that helped her de-tangle her thoughts. She made detailed pencil landscape sketches employing multiple repetitive strokes for their meditative effect. Over time, she decided to explore what art could mean to her and how it could help her mental health. She let her subconscious and her instincts to shape her art-making process naturally. Colour plays an important role in her work – as she believes colors are reflective of different aspects of the inner being. She believes art is as expansive as life itself and an artist does not need to remain bound to one or two mediums. Openness to experimentation and the ability to appreciate a vast range of art forms are, to her, essential qualities an artist must possess. Harnoor remains curious about unconventional artworks- works that examine the bizarre, the surreal, and the darkness in the human mind. She has a law degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has exhibited her art at group art shows and art pop-ups in and around Chandigarh, India.

Artworks by Harnoor Suri.

Curated by Shrey Sethi.

Horizon (Ink on Paper)

Poppy Field I, II

Lovers (Ink on Paper)

Persistent Gaze (Pen on Paper)

Portrait of a Schoolgirl (Acrylic on Canvas)

Solitude (Oil on Canvas).

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