The Past Goes Fast by JR feat. Robert De Niro.

Robert De Niro and the French photographer and street artist JR are collaborating on a documentary titled “The Past Goes Fast.” The film, discussed at Art Basel Miami Beach, delves into the life and art of De Niro’s late father, Robert De Niro Sr., an accomplished painter. The project, unlike their previous work on Ellis Island, is a deep, evolving exploration of De Niro Sr.’s artistic journey, featuring his untouched art studio and personal journals.

De Niro, known for his extensive film career, and the mysterious JR, renowned for his large-scale murals and anonymous public persona, form an intriguing pair. In the documentary, De Niro engages in symbolic performances directed by JR, such as lying atop a large print of his father’s image, to connect with his family history and his father’s struggles with self-esteem and identity.

The documentary includes heartfelt reflections from De Niro on preserving his father’s studio and artifacts for future generations, highlighting the significance of memory and photographs in connecting with the past. JR, known for his community-centric projects, acknowledges the unique personal journey this film represents, exploring themes of family, legacy, and self-discovery.

Source: JR-Art

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