The Synthetic Observations of Sameera Sardana

Graduated from the College of Art, New Delhi, I am an Indian artist exploring possibilities of the canvas and paper through a figurative-abstract approach, an expression of mediums and textures with vibrancy and boldness. Inspired by humans and animals, my intention is not only to create an artwork but also live the process.
Varied colour strokes and rhythmic figures are the modes of expression of my synthetic observations of the contemporary world.


Sameera Sardana.

1. Power Play:
Sibling rivalry and competitive animosity are birthed at childhood. ‘Power play’ is a commentary on the concept of inheritance, a fruitless brawl for succession in a dysfunctional family, where power is denser than blood.

2. Audience:
Administrators exercise power and control over the people, yet it is the public that bears the consequences of these schemes. Ironically the dormant power of a citizen is disregarded by the decision-makers, who sit out of the performance. But the show isn’t over yet.

3. The Acrobats:
Bone breaking world of the contemporary circus arts aren’t places for clowning around. Circus psychology centred around depression, anxiety, and stress relates to contemporary man’s struggle for materialistic satisfaction in a cut-throat world.

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