Visual Connections As Created By Janvi Bhardwaj.

“I love creating visual connections and juxtapositions, to welcome a sense of narrative into my photos. I think my work is self-expression. I feel something, and I want to find ways to narrate that conceptually through photography. It helps me make sense of my emotions.Throughout my life, art has always been present, shaping the way I think about life. For me art is an escape.
As for me, I realized I was artistically inclined at a very young age, and continued to sketch and draw throughout my teenage years. Art changed my perspective towards life. I started finding stories in daily life happenings, which I felt were invisible to others. I always keep my eyes open to see the beauty that surrounds me. As an introvert I found it difficult to approach people and at times it makes it hard for me to express myself, that time art came to my rescue. Art made life bearable for me.  Also, I’ve learned that creativity is the way to get closer to truly knowing myself & that’s the only thing that keeps me going.” – Janvi Bhardwaj. 

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