Disha Patil’s Need to Express.

A visual artist – exploring self and surroundings through photography.
My work is influenced by the need and freedom to express. The inspiration comes from a place of trying to get a better understanding of myself and the subjects that I photograph. My body is my primary canvas. The way it interacts with different lights, the mood it creates as it molds into different shapes. All of these aspects inspire me to explore the human form and the abundance of possibilities that it presents. The effect that a picture has. What does it have to say, and the responses it elicits – all make it what it is. The viewer and their experiences become a part of the whole thing, which is interesting to me.
My process heavily involves me not knowing the outcome of what I am creating. It thrills me to just keep trying out different things basking in the sun only to later see an image capturing the essence and rawness of the subject. I also like challenging the viewers by maintaining a certain ambiguity in my images.

Disha Patil is a Delhi-based visual artist and a cat mom to two tabbies. Disha is a knitwear designer turned content creator. Who in her leisure time enjoys bingeing on crime podcasts and polishing her chess skills

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