A showcase of color led dystopia by Sourav Das.

Just as one eats away at the flesh of a peach to get to its pit; one consumes the colors in Das’s photographs before reaching the core of their chasmic emotions.

Often there is something that separates the viewer and the subject- a plastic film, a rose cloth, a window shield yet this never compromises the direct gaze the subjects manage to hold over us.

It appears as though there is inherent ease to his photographs. Not one iota of its construction feels out of place. The wise know, that it takes great skill to make something look effortless.

Das is able to explore the chemistry between colors. A magenta flirting with hues of blue. Blood red descending on the brown skin of a man’s forearms. The whites of a cigarette smoke mingling with the blue veins throbbing in the foreground.

His photographs have a tinge of dystopia. Often photographed alone, or in settings that seem abandoned, his subjects seem isolated and even, troubled. There is something about their facial expressions that say “I have a million thoughts in my head right now. I can’t hear you.”

Das makes sure to hand us vulnerability on a platter. It is copious and can be feasted upon. His straight-faced, sometimes lachrymose subjects make your chest tighten, a little.

It is a combination of all these factors that place his photographs under impressionistic influences. Showing great mastery of the art, Das manages to direct our gaze to his intended points of focus.

On Instagram, he goes by the user-name of Chitrakar- one possibly could not think of a title more appropriate. His settings look lonesome; as though wrapping his subjects in a cloak of elusiveness.

Don’t you, as a reader feel a sudden connection with his subjects? As though a part of your day-dreaming, your mingling fears, your trials, and tribulations were somehow caught in them? One cannot create something so sterling without always being on the hunt for the rawness of human emotion.

Das is an intuitive, emotionally rich virtuoso who is creating such brilliant work; he’s about to give the best of the best, a run for their money.

All photos by Sourav Das.
Text by Tanmayee Thakur.

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