‘My’ Skin Routine by Sneha Dasgupta.

Sneha is a young passionate communication designer and illustrator and currently works at branding, design & strategy agency called Please See// in Mumbai, India. She says. “I like to believe I have a weird, wacko, and emotional perspective on things that just tends to reflect in my work. Fittingly enough, those are adjectives I’d use to describe myself too.”

We first noticed Sneha for her quirky illustrations based on her conversations with the people around her. In the previous story featuring Sneha, we talked about her illustration series ‘Pretty Unpretty’. This piece is narrated by Sneha herself and is about ‘her skin routine’.


“I’ve had a recurring problem with self esteem and self worth. As a teenager, I just couldn’t love or respect myself — I was always hard on myself, every step of the way. As I grew, I think my career and work helped me get through these issues to an extent — as it gave me something to channelize my feelings and thoughts into. I started creating content that people like me could relate to. Today, I try to engage with my audience on a personal level and talk about problems or feelings which don’t get spoken about enough — and which slowly but surely affect one’s mental health. There are some days, and there were probably a lot more during this lockdown, when I felt low and demotivated. So I started doing something for myself every day, something very simple — a skin routine. Because why not? And…it just calmed me down. Aside from the physical effect that it had, it felt like I was pampering myself emotionally for 20 minutes straight. I didn’t think about the bad day I’d had and the 100 reasons why it was one. So, ever since then, I’ve been following this skin routine that helps soothe me — not just for the outer glow but for the inner one.”

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