Photo Project by Anuj Arora.

Anuj Arora, 24, stumbled across his passion for photography through sheer coincidence or it would be apt to say that destiny nudged him in the right direction when five years ago for the first time he dabbled with his brother’s camera. Since that day he has never thought of number crunching again.


He draws inspiration from ace photographers Richard Avedon, Sebastiao Selgado, and Sohrab Hura. The work of Sebastiao, a social documentary photographer, resonates with Anuj more than others. “He possesses the magical touch of making the most miserable situations look beautiful and soulful,” says Anuj.

Currently based out of New Delhi-India, Anuj spends most of his time traveling around the city, exploring the yet unexplored nooks and corners of the city and pursuing projects close to his heart.

His works try to highlight issues prevailing in the society, and hopes someday his work will make a difference or at least make people aware of the issues.


All images by Anuj Arora.

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