Discovering the works of Suprito Saumik a.k.a NoMansDream.

“Art is still just a hobby for me, but I really love doing what I am right now. It was in early 2018, when i actually downloaded my first illustration software and really started to take an interest in art in general. As any other person on the internet, seeing people make these amazing pieces and telling stories through just images and pictures, was such a wild concept to me at first. Being able to connect with people and make them feel emotions with just pictures, is really what attracted me. I didn’t have a drawing tablet or any proper equipment at first so I didn’t have many options. Fortunately I stumbled upon the Pixel art community where you didn’t really need much to make art. I created pixel art and posted them on twitter and that’s where I started out as an artist. Eventually I gained an audience and I finally managed to get a drawing tablet last year. With a drawing tablet in hand I started to branch out on other sides of digital art besides pixel art. And here we are today a little over 2 years later, me making art pieces that speak to me, as much as I hope it speaks to others. I lean more towards being an environmental artist. Something about empty spaces and places I’ll never go to, attracts me.

As for my process in art, it’s as it goes for most artists I’d assume. Finding ideas and concepts that mean something to me, and make it real enough so you can see it as well. I make environmental art a lot because I personally believe there’s a lot more stories you can find in places and landscapes. It keeps everything up for interpretation. It at the end of the day means whatever you want it to mean; and I find that very beautiful. I usually work  late at night, it helps me concentrate a lot more. Away from everything all alone in my room just making something real enough for people to see and feel.

Art has always been just a hobby, so I don’t post much outside twitter.”

Suprito Saumik, is 17 year old highschool student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Making aesthetic art under the moniker Nomansdream.

Curated by Shrey Sethi.

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