The Curator Mag(zine) Edition 2 Vol.1 : Digital Download.



The second edition of Curator Zine features visual artists from various social backgrounds. The standalone featured works have been curated on the basis of a theme. This edition was to be launched in print, in March 2020. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the launch of the publication was delayed and later canceled. As a part of our special campaign, we are releasing (limited-time) digital copies of the planned Zine.

A small fee is levied on these digital copies to compensate freelance artists and curators for their time and effort towards producing this zine.

By investing in this Issue you are acknowledging the amount of work it takes to bring a quality independent publication to the people.

Published by The Curator Collective. Designed by Bineet Kaur. Artworks and Photos Curated by Shrey Sethi, Pavneet Singh, Rahul Singh Manral.