The Curator Magazine: Issue 1.



The Curator Mag was founded as a visual only magazine in 2015-16, right when the floodgates of social media and digital access had just been opened. This period also marked what many consider to be the beginning of the decline of the common print medium. As 4G spread like a wildfire and the masses got online globally, smartphones became the way we would consume information, news and found entertainment, and it was only natural for us to shift our focus towards the digital future.

Yet the longing for tactility always remained with us. The sense of touch and the provision of slow consumption being two of the biggest sacrifices in this digital era, we knew we had to bring print back at some point. Not just to reinvigorate ourselves with a format that we grew up on, but also to ensure the availability of an option for those who seek the same.

This magazine is an attempt to provide you the ability to flip for content rather than scroll, to be able to pace consumption without the worry of your feed refreshing and to draw you back into the joy of seeing artworks in a physical form not backlit by OLEDs. Through this, we aim at introducing you to artists across disciplines from the world over, highlighting pertinent issues and exposing you to concepts, thoughts and practices which you can resonate with or learn from and utilise.

Consider this another outlet for us to continue to strive to be a platform for expansive discourse on the arts, while perpetuating a culture of inclusion, discussion, ethicality, and determination for art practitioners, appreciators and admirers alike. But beyond anything else, we sincerely would like for you to be able to detach from the noise online, hold this in your hands, as you sit back and appreciate art in a more tangible way!