The Curator Zine (Print) Edition:1

INR 249

With reminders for screen-time and app-time in our phones, the rampant spike in virtual meetings on laptop/pc screens, and the ever continuous advancements in digital technologies, the essence of physical tactility and textural variance is a sense which is slowly fading. Alongside comes our ever-shortening attention span, or perhaps our largely increased and constant consumption of digital media which has led to us not being absorbed entirely most of the time. 

As with most things we do, we wanted to present this discourse on the arts in a more tangible way. It was imperative that we took a step in continuing the print and physical medium and rekindle your interest in the act of flipping pages to consume art, and not swipe thumbs for days!
We hope that this zine acts as a reminder that art created digitally should not be limited to digital viewing, while also presenting relevant discourse and opportunity to artists, art enthusiasts, creatives, and free thinkers.

The first edition includes works from artists like – Silvia Grav, William Cobbing, Wole Lagunju, Matia Biagi and more.