Average Photographs

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Oftentimes, when people say the phrase “art is subjective”, its meaning for them is limited to the perception of art. What we want to look at with ‘Average Photographs’ is the subjectivity of the creator of that art itself. This project of ours is to present a small inquiry into the minds of the readers – what happens when we treat a piece of art as something that belongs to the artist? What happens when we look at a set of photographs with the understanding that they hold something precious for someone who was behind the camera, and that it’s an end which is enough for the work’s legitimacy? Technology today has provided us with means to destroy any monopoly that existed on art, and especially photography.

Let’s revel in it; let’s give memories a chance together.


Number of pages: 200  (special prints)
Dimensions: 8.5x10inches (perfect bound)
Publisher: The Curator Collective
First Date of publication: March 2020
Languages Available: English, Polish, and German.

Design, Curation, and Concept by  Shrey Sethi.
Text edited by Mansi Arora and Romina Bertetti.
Polish text translation by Martyna Paryszewska.

Photo essays by:
Shrey Sethi,
Anuj Arora,
Pavneet Singh,
Tina Wadhawa,
Harsha Vemuri,
Sanjay Shankar & Karan Kapoor,
Noga Shtainer.

For bulk orders write to shrey@thecuratormag.com

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